The songs below were all written from December 2016.


‘Your bombs are not welcome here DUB (demo#2)

a new DUB version of a song I wrote in 2016. Written about the Syrian war, but it sadly reflects so many conflicts so I changed the title.


‘Lend me your ear, lend me your time machine’ (demo)

The first song of 2017. It’s a bit of fun really, but it seems the only way to get away from our destructive ways and see true wildlife (or will be for sure soon enough) is by using a Time Machine.


‘Your bombs are not welcome here’ (demo)

‘Your bombs are not welcome here’ I wrote this song in December 2016 especially after seeing footage of Aleppo and the horrors one human can inflict on another in the Syrian war, but it sadly reflects whats going on in many conflicts.


‘Not for the man’ (Demo)

Written in August 2017. F**k the establishment, what do they bring us? more wars and more ways for us to pay in money or some peoples lives.


‘The People We KNOW’ (Demo)

Written in December 2016 about: the people we KNOW… those who have to use #foodbanks for a start.


‘I’m gonna light a candle to the spirit of man’ (demo)

The third of 2017. Throughout history men and women have shown us the inner spirit of love despite all the haters and people spreading pain, and that power is within us all.


‘The Election Song’ (Demo)

Wrote in 2016 before the general election, lyrically short, repetitive, but that’s the point. Although please note, I still encourage people to vote, just don’t trust a Politician EVER 🙂.


In 2013 I wrote two songs called: ‘Fracking is coming to town’ and ‘This is planet earth’ twenty years since I wrote my last song (see about me page to know why).

In the 90’s (before A Busker Unheard) when I was calling myself: Nature Dreads, I had 13 songs for an LP (demo tape homemade) called ‘Face the facts’ which I am redoing (for old times sake) but minus several tracks. Tracks to be on that will probably be: ‘Today’, ‘Taking from earth – the story so far (with a 2016 extra verse), ‘Nature is best’, ‘No atmosphere’, ‘The BwANKERS song’ (with an updated end verse, previously called ‘Judgeable greed’) and ‘The fox poem’.


Dare to believe… in YOU


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