The DEBUT EP as A Busker Unheard

I was working on a home recording of my debut EP, this should have been done a few years ago. As it stands its a 5 track EP and the working title is ‘Not for the man’. Below you can see the tracks and check out some early demos as well as a first draft of the cover artwork.

This was due December 2018 but now it is2022 and still it’s still not done, will it ever get done? time will tell. If enough are interested a gofund me page will be set up, stay safe.

not for the man NEW.jpg

1 Lend me your ear, lend me your time machine

2 Your bombs are not welcome here

3 Not for the man

4 The people we know

5 I’m gonna light a candle to the spirit of man

SECOND A Busker Unheard EP

As I’m so behind with recording the first EP I actually have the second EP almost ready to do straight afterwards. The working title for the second EP is ‘The Human Factory’ below you can see a rough sketch of the cover artwork and check out the early demos of the songs.

This EP was due in early 2019 but as the above EP is still not done it will have to wait.

EP2 The Human Factory COVER

1 Beg to know the difference

2 We’re their farmed animals

3 Did they die for this

4 The Question is

5 Bring Your Song

I plan to do lo-fi home recorded EP’s for the time being and if and when funds become available and I get a chance to go into a studio, I can then release a studio version. IF I do a crowd funding campaign I will share the link here and on the links page.



Single songs by A Busker Unheard

Most of my songs have been more acoustic in style but the song below is a version / dub of ‘Your bombs are not welcome here’ with the original written in 2016.


your bombs are not welcome here DUB

‘Your bombs are not welcome here (DUB version)

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‘Knowledge is Power

so spread it far and wide

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