Single songs by A Busker Unheard

Most of my songs have been more acoustic in style but the song below is a version / dub of ‘Your bombs are not welcome here’ with the original written in 2016.



The DEBUT EP as A Busker Unheard

I was working on a home recording of my debut EP, this should have been done a few years ago. As it stands its a 5 track EP and the working title is ‘Not for the man’. Below you can see the tracks and check out some early demos as well as a first draft of the cover artwork.

not for the man NEW.jpg

1 Lend me your ear, lend me your time machine

2 Your bombs are not welcome here

3 Not for the man

4 The people we know

5 I’m gonna light a candle to the spirit of man


SECOND A Busker Unheard EP

As I’m so behind with recording the first EP I actually have the second EP almost ready to do straight afterwards. The working title for the second EP is ‘The Human Factory’ below you can see a rough sketch of the cover artwork and check out the early demos of the songs.

EP2 The Human Factory COVER

1 Beg to know the difference

2 We’re their farmed animals

3 Did they die for this

4 The Question is

5 Bring Your Song

I plan to do lo-fi home recorded EP’s for the time being and if and when funds become available and I get a chance to go into a studio, I can then release a studio version. IF I do a crowd funding campaign I will share the link here and on the links page.


Some more sample song demo’s of mine

When I first started playing guitar again, this was the first little song I wrote ‘This is Planet Earth’


and a blast from my past, as I said in the about me page, as a kid growing up I wrote songs, before I stopped for many years. I wanted to go by the name ‘Nature Dreads’ for many reasons, anyway I wrote around 14 songs, some for an album, that was never recorded. I started to write songs from around 15 years old. Around 2013 I picked a handful to do some rough demos of for old times sake. I put them on bandcamp, where there are 6 of them altogether, 2 I added some new lines here’s one of the old songs called ‘Today’:


Most of my songs have been more acoustic in style but the song below is more of a metal version I mucked around with one day years ago..



‘Knowledge is Power

so spread it far and wide

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