Debut EP


August 2018: I’m working on a home recording of my debut EP as A Busker Unheard (this should have been done over a year ago) although some of the songs have slightly evolved from the first demo’s I did anyway. The plan of attack is to do as good a demo recording as I can. At the moment it’s going to be a 5 track EP and the working title is ‘Not for the man’. The tracks (as it stands and subject to change) you can see below as well as a first draft of the cover artwork:

not for the man NEW.jpg

1 Lend me your ear, lend me your time machine

2 Your bombs are not welcome here

3 Not for the man

4 The people we know

5 I’m gonna light a candle to the spirit of man


If I create a crowdfunding page to go into a studio, then I will put a link here, see below there is a Pay Pal Me link if you wish to support me.

I have a few more songs already written towards a second EP and maybe a DUB / version EP too. The plan is to do demo EP’s for the time being and if and when I get a chance to go into a studio, then I can decide to either do EP’s or an LP.

Growing up I was a big fan of LP’s and I grew up in the original era of Viynl, BUT the truth is, most people nowadays don’t listen to whole LP’s anyway. They either listen to single tracks or EP’s. More people listen to bite size versions you could say, whether we like it or not, that is the way it has been going. I myself am more into EP’s than I ever was growing up, in fact I can’t remember ever buying an EP back then at all.


If you wish to support me:

Here’s my (A Busker Unheard) PAY PAL ME link for anyone who wants to support me, any money is appreciated and will go into my music:

If you don’t know, a Pay Pal Me link helps you know, that the money goes directly to the person, band, people, group etc that you want it to. It’s a safer way to support someone.


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