Debut EP


At the moment I’m working on a home recording of my debut EP as A Busker Unheard (this should have been done over a year ago). As it stands its a 5 track EP and the working title is ‘Not for the man’. Below you can see the tracks as well as a first draft of the cover artwork. If I create a crowdfunding page to go into a studio I will put a link to it here.


not for the man NEW.jpg

1 Lend me your ear, lend me your time machine

2 Your bombs are not welcome here

3 Not for the man

4 The people we know

5 I’m gonna light a candle to the spirit of man


I have a few more songs already written for a second EP: ‘We’re their  farmed animals’, ‘Did they die for this?’, ‘The Question is’ and ‘Beg to know the difference’. Working title for the second EP is ‘The Human factory’. I plan to do demo EP’s for the time being and if and when funds become available and I get a chance to go into a studio, I can then release a studio version EP or LP.


If you wish to support me:

Here’s my (A Busker Unheard) PAY PAL ME link for anyone who wants to support me, any money is appreciated and will go into my music:

If you don’t know, a Pay Pal Me link helps you know, that the money goes directly to the person, band, people, group etc that you want it to. It’s a safer way to support someone.


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