About Me


When did you start to use the name A Busker Unheard? In 2013 I started using the name A Busker Unheard, mainly because I had been doing other things in writing and wanted an easy way to separate my songs from that.

What do you do? Mostly at the moment I jam and practice at home, occasionally writing, playing new songs and recording them. I sometimes play around with like minded people, mainly playing my own songs, mixed with a few covers.

When did you first play the Guitar? When I was around 14 years old I started playing the guitar and I got my first guitar from my next door neighbor for £10. At the beginning I learned a few pieces of music from other people, but mostly I am self taught.

Why did you stop playing for twenty years? In my twenties I was diagnosed with Dermatitis that I got from working in the building industry. Long story short, I had to give up playing the guitar, as my hands were too bad.

When did you start playing again and why? Around 2013 I bought a guitar from a charity shop and just found I was able to play more than before. I’d long left the building industry and so my Dermatitis had improved and I realized that it’s now more an issue with sensitive skin, but that’s more manageable.

Have you done much song writing? Yes in the 80’s and 90’s I wrote a few songs (some better than others) and recorded a demo tape with thirteen songs on. In 2013 when I started again I wrote two songs and since 2016 I have wrote more songs and hope it continues.

What are your interests musically and in life? Musically my first love was reggae music but I like all sorts of music. In life I love nature and wildlife and I am never more at peace than when I am on my own and surrounded by nature.

Have you had a single, EP or LP recorded in a studio professionally? No, all of my songs uploaded are demos that I have made at home.

‘You can’t wake a person

Who is pretending to be asleep’

(First Nation proverb)

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