Most of my songs have been more acoustic in style but the above is a version / dub of ‘Your bombs are not welcome here’ that was written in 2016, a download of the song can be found on Bandcamp.

Below is the latest demo track called ‘We’re their farmed animals’ via reverbnation, this is just the first rough demo with the audio taken from a quick video demo.


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Here’s my (A Busker Unheard) PAY PAL ME link for anyone who wants to support me, any money is appreciated and will go into my music:


If you don’t know, a Pay Pal Me link helps you know, that the money goes directly to the person, band, people, group etc that you want it to. It’s a safer way to support someone.


What I’m up to:

As of the end of August 2018 my Debut EP as A Busker Unheard. It should have been done over a year ago, but recording isn’t my thing, but I’m gonna do the best I can until soemone else records me 🙂 This site will have an overhaul once I get the EP recorded and uploaded.

I’m not doing any regular gigging at the moment, I’m just jamming at home and sometimes with like minded people. My music can be streamed for free and or downloaded from a few places including on Bandcamp and Reverbnation (reverbnation is where all first demos go).

Thanks for visiting today, all the best John (A Busker Unheard).


‘Your bombs are not welcome here (DUB version) on Bandcamp



“Now it is their time: because the few have made us believe, that we need them more than they need US.
Our time will come: when we realize, that not only is it them that need us, but that we can be free of them & then end their never ending power/war/money cycle that led to our enslavement”

A Busker Unheard #notfortheman #ABuskerUnheard


Dare to believe… in YOU


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