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19th August 2018: Working on doing a home recording of my demo EP that should have been done over a year ago.

I’m not doing any regular gigging at the moment, I’m just jamming at home and sometimes with like minded people. My music can be streamed for free and or downloaded from a few places including on Bandcamp

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“Now it is their time: because the few have made us believe, that we need them more than they need US.
Our time will come: when we realize, that not only is it them that need us, but that we can be free of them & then end their never ending power/war/money cycle that led to our enslavement”

A Busker Unheard #notfortheman #ABuskerUnheard

A reggae band called ‘Misty in Roots’ once wrote a song about economical slavery that rang true to me and does to this day. For those without money can easily be ignored by the powerful, for they strive to become the haves and no longer the have nots. Those with money but middle class can be controlled by their need to make payments for morgages or anything within their life style which makes them need more money for it to continue and therefore need to work full time and no longer be able to rock the boat or the establishment. Those with lots of money have no real need or desire for the changes that the rest need anyway. Thats a basic reality to the world that those in power create.

Within the above classes of people, or varying backgrounds of financial status, there are of course some that don’t fit this. But in general and in basic terms, this is how we can, have and are controlled. My issue is not someone / anyone having more than me or anyone else. But the above is created by a few having more than they will ever need, which leads to many have nothing. A Busker Unheard


Dare to believe… in YOU


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