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Hi I’m John Harrison aka A Busker Unheard an independent artist, thanks for visiting the site today. At the moment I’m doing some recordings for my EP which you can see on the Music page. I can be found on FacebookTwitter and elsewhere online, just type A Busker Unheard into your browser or put in @ABuskerUnheard elsewhere. Songs can be streamed for free and or downloaded from a few places including on Bandcamp and Reverbnation (reverbnation is where first demos go to live).

Thanks for visiting today, all the best John.

‘Your bombs are not welcome here (DUB version) on Bandcamp


Most of my songs have been more acoustic in style but the above song is a version / dub of ‘Your bombs are not welcome here’ with the original written in 2016. Below are two more tracks via Reverbnation ‘Not for the man’ which is on the debut EP and ‘Beg to know the difference’ which is due on the second EP.



I will share a few words which I liked that I saw on a picture from the Artists Without Borders facebook page, which I thought was funny and had a point, it said:


‘Buy art from a living artist

The dead ones don’t need the money’


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